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18. september girl. fangirl. Meryl Streep = role model. loves her family, friends, obsessions, drawing, art, movies, photoshop, fan fictions, reading, fashion design, languages, summer. still believes that perfect happiness exists...
if you want to add me, please comment on the "friends only" post in my journal, and if we have some things in common, i'll be more than happy to add you.

Lady GaGa. Rihanna. P!nk. ABBA. Glee. Beyonce. Jay-Z. Carrie Underwood. Katy Perry. Kelly ClarksonThe Black Eyed Peas. Shakira. Paula Abdul. Tina Turner. Various soundtracks. Various Performers. Various songs.

Bones ~ Brennan/Booth ♥♥♥
House M.D. ~ House/Cuddy ♥♥♥
American Idol ~ Paula/Simon ♥♥♥
Sex and the City ~ Carrie/Miranda/Charlotte/Samantha ~ not in a romantic kind of way ~ as BFF's
30 Rock ~ Liz Lemon/Jack Donaghy
Glee ~ Rachel/Finn; Quinn/Puck
Gossip Girl ~ Serena/Dan; Blair/Chuck; Lily/Rufus
Gilmore Girls ~ Lorelai/Luke

Mamma Mia, The Devil wears Prada, The Bridges of Madison County, It's Complicated, Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice, The Jane Austin Book Club, The Notebook, Pirates of the Caribbean, Julie & Julia, Out of Africa, Sweeney Todd, Alice in Wonderland, The Proposal, Confessions of a Shopaholic, Juno, The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, Ocean's 11/12/13, Sherlock Holmes, Angels & Demons, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Rachel Getting Married, Sunshine Cleaning, Disney!

Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp, Tina Fey, Emily Deschanel, Robert Downey Jr, David Boreanaz, Lisa Edelstein, Hugh Laurie, Emma Watson, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, Pierce Brosnan, Emily Blunt, Amy Adams, Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Dianna Agron, Lea Michelle, Alec Baldwin, Julianne Moore, George Clooney, Kelly Rutherford, Julie Walters, Sandra Bullock, ETC

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30 rock, a prairie home companion, abba, adaptation, alec baldwin, alexis bledel, amanda seyfried, american idol, amy adams, ancient history, animations, anime, anne hathaway, art, audrey tautou, avatar, bags, berlin, beyonce, blair waldorf, blake lively, bones, books, bridges of madison county, carrie bradshaw, carrie underwood, cats, christmas, coco avant chanel, colin firth, colouring, cooking, dan humphrey, daniel radcliffe, david boreanaz, design, dianna agron, disney, drama, drawing, dvds, egypt, emily blunt, emily deschanel, emma watson, fan fiction, fanfiction, fashion, flowers, george clooney, germany, gilmore girls, glee, gossip girl, harry potter, hermione granger, house m.d., huddy, hugh jackman, hugh laurie, icons, it's complicated, itunes, jack sparrow, jane austen, jane lynch, japan, jenny humphrey, johnny depp, judging amy, julianne moore, julie & julia, katy perry, kelly clarkson, kelly rutherford, lady gaga, languages, laughing, lauren graham, lea michele, lily and rufus, lily van der woodsen, lisa cuddy, lisa edelstein, literature, live journal, lorelai gilmore, maggie smith, mamma mia, manga, meryl streep, mirandy, mistery, movies, music, nancy meyers, naruto, new york, nicole kidman, old movies, old music, p!nk, paris, paula abdul, photography, photoshop, pierce brosnan, pirates of the caribbean, pop, prime, pussycat dolls, quinn fabray, r'n'b, rachel berry, rachel mcadams, reading, rihanna, rory gilmore, rupert grint, sakura, sandra bullock, sasuke, saula, sea, serena van der woodsen, sex and the city, shakira, sherlock holmes, simon cowell, simply streep, sims 3, sony vegas, sophie's choice, steve martin, sue sylvester, sunglasses, swimming, the devil wears prada, the notebook, the proposal, tina fey, tina turner, traveling, tv shows, twitter, uma thurman, wallpapers, winnie the pooh, youtube